Community Service

The Benefits of Community Services

For those who want to engage in the act of helping their community, then what they are essentially doing is community service. There is a growing trend in communities all over the world to do something that benefits your local without receiving any payment for it. If this type of service sounds interesting to you, then search out for a community service program which you'd like to play a role in. The services they provide are varied and therefore you can chose to get involved in something that you believe your community needs or something that will help your community.

What kind of community service options are there?

Community service can happen wherever there is something that needs to be improved in the community. This can range from:


- Helping to maintain a park in order to make sure that it is tidy, the flowerbeds and walking area are kept in good shape so people can get exercise and the whole location is attractive for those who use it.

- Collecting items for charity is a popular form of community service. It involves going around your neighborhood and taking old items that people no longer use with their permission. They are then donated to charities.

- Cleaning the roadside keeps your town looking pleasant whilst ridding drivers of potentially dangerous items which could endanger them on the road. It helps present a good image of the community.

- Elderly homes require a regular stream of volunteers. Their purpose is to keep the residents company and also perform small errands for them in order to improve the quality of their lift. This rewarding work has a number of programs attached to it.

- Your fire brigade or police station might need some volunteers to help out and it looks great on your resume. They can train you which will give you valuable employment skills as well.

- Your local library is usually run on a voluntary basis, so if you want to help it to survive, enlist your services and help in all aspects of the libraries work. This can be from keeping it tidy to assisting customers with checking books in and out.

- Children with learning disabilities need regular tuition so they can keep up with other kids at their school. Giving them extra tuition for free can really improve their self confidence and self esteem.

- Cleaning streets and public spaces are a good way of helping to improve your community’s image and make it more pleasant for everyone to live in.

Who takes part in community service?

Those institutions or individuals who undertake community service activities are:


- Volunteers. They register in community programs and have a strong desire to make their community a better place to live in.

- Young people. They usually perform their community service through school to benefit their education, or through organizations like the Scouts to achieve badges.

- Criminals will be often sentenced to community service for less serious crimes. They will usually do the harder community service tasks.

- Companies. They send out their employees to volunteer and use their profits to give something back to the communities they work in.