Community Service Work

Community service work is basically voluntary work within the community or work that has been handed out as a job for criminals as punishment.

The idea of community service is free labour to improve the overall local community in several areas. Voluntary workers for the community will generally perform more responsible tasks where someone with a criminal record could not be considered. The less attractive work, but nonetheless still helpful is handed out to people who have been introduced to the program via the court systems.

Community Service for Criminals

As the courts deem criminals as irresponsible in the eyes of the law the service is designed to place responsibility on them for completing tasks. It is usually handed out to people that do not have a lot of money to pay a fine plus many of the criminals on the scheme are either not actively working or only working part time. Hopefully a full day’s work can encourage some of the offenders into getting a job.

The crimes can vary leading the way to community service and generally most people have already been convicted of other crimes before making their way into this kind of punishment. The sentence for community service is given in hours and the offender must complete the set amount of hours before they have completed the program.

Offenders sign in each day with a probation officer at a probation centre. Work is assigned and it is up to the coordinator to decide if the effort put in for that day is worthy of hours being eliminated from the punishment.

There are many places that anyone on community service can be expected to work. Mostly government funded places such as parks, schools or hospitals can all be part of a community service improvement program.

Organising community service projects is down to non-profit organizations and there is no payment to wither the organizing comity or the workers.

Community Service Work for Volunteers

 There are many projects available for voluntary workers and usually it is a simple matter of applying at an agency for the work. Generally volunteers are no placed into a program with offenders and will be placed into an area more suited to their skill set. Most of the time people apply for a particular community job and may or may not experience in that area.

Again community work is voluntary so there is no exchange of money in most cases. There are some occasions where small amounts of cash are paid. Also, projects may require some cash injections from the local council as there are costs that need to be covered. Most of the time, however, when skilled work is required contractors are hired and paid to carry out the tasks.

Community work comes in two categories. Criminal offenders do not have a choice when it comes to work placement. The aim for these people is to give back to society. Voluntary community service is there for those who feel they have something to offer the community and would like to help make their local area a better place to live.